Create something that satisfy your hunger of putting out a novel idea.

Let loose your creativity. Go wild and take leaps in your imagination.

We all know that feeling when an idea jumps at us. A concept takes a form in our head and we can’t wait to give it a life. A sudden rush of excitement that screams at us—“This is New!”.

And then reality kicks in.

We ran to our peers (or seniors) with our little shiny thing in our hands—our little creations . Only to get it shot down—Jokingly. Mercilessly. Objectively. Ignorantly…

Repeat this twice a week and soon you will loose the excitement to try anything new. This is when conformity takes over and ordinary settles in. Some look for a change outside and some just let the routine set its course.

Constraint are real. This world is governed by boring things. Creatives want to break free from these and invent something exciting. Something that will push us forward and bring the unknown in our grasp. The envelope is pushed by those who keep dreaming, those who keep creating shiny things, and those who don’t give up when others try to bring them down.

UX Strategist & Tactician